A few words about us



Passionate Scuba Divers, Ocean Lovers and Travel Enthusiasts. These are the first words that come to mind, when we try to describe ourselves.

Scuba Diving and traveling have always been parts of our lives.

Gareth, a South African beach bum, always had a wild spirit, from exploring the bush or fishing in the dams, he spent most of his days outside in the open. Growing up at the coast, his biggest attention was the ocean. Surfing, diving, fishing, spearfishing and later skipping fishing charter boats, his life always evolved around the big blue. After hitchhiking through South Africa and exploring parts of the country in his teenage years, he also made his dream come true by becoming a Scuba Diving Instructor.

Bekka, born and raised in Germany, always had the travel bug. Strikingly often, her trips ended up on beautiful beaches with warm and clear waters. It was only a matter of time for her to eventually start diving and become a Scuba Diving Instructor. Having lived in Thailand and traveled to Central and North America, Australia, Southeast Asia and many countries in Europe, there was finally only one continent left to explore: Africa. What started as a trip to South Africa turned into an everlasting fascination for the country and a permanent stay.

Living in this beautiful country that South Africa is, we want to share our passion with you. Amazing dive sites, diverse and exciting wildlife, a country full of history and culture. All of that is awaiting you.

The Scuba Diving experience will always be the main focus on the trips we offer. But we feel that nobody who travels to and throughout South Africa should miss out on the diversity that the country has to offer.

You have surely heard of the "Big 5". Where else in the world would you be able to dive with sharks and other game fish and see Lions, Buffaloes, Rhinos, Elephants and Leopard within the course of a few days? Let us pimp your Scuba Diving holiday with some culture and wildlife, let us make it a Scuba Adventure.


Why choose us

Looking for a standard liveaboard diving trip? Then this is not your site.

Because we sell adventures. Non of our trips are standard, we do our very best to give every one of our trips a unique touch. Wherever we send you, we have been there ourselves and know the hidden treasures.

Flying to and from South Africa? We will give you advice!

As we are not a standard booking agency, flights are NOT included in our tours. But be sure that we won´t leave you alone in the airline-jungle. We can give you advice on airlines, airports and routes. Be it for international or domestic flights.

Exploring South Africa by car? Definitely the best way to go!

Experience South Africa at your own pace by hiring a vehicle suitable to your personal needs. South African roads can be a challenge for foreigners, but we will be by your side giving you advise on the best car rental agencies and how to safely make your way around our beautiful country.

Bringing all your dive buddies? Not a problem!

For groups of 6 people and more we offer guided tours including transport. We will take you places, you don´t have to worry about a thing. Just sit back, relax and trust our guide to show you the most amazing places.

Scuba Divers are always hungry? Damn right!

On our Classic Tours and Specials, accommodation may also provide meals or restaurants won´t be far. On individual tours, you can also choose self-catering options. We will always provide detailed information on what is available where.

It`s not a myth, Divers need a good nights sleep.

We have to admit, we did not test every single bed our customers will sleep in. BUT be assured that we know the places we send you to and we wouldn't send you anywhere, where we wouldn't want to stay ourselves.


We had such an amazing time during our 14 days tour. From the great dives along a beautiful coastline to the wild African bush and the many new friends we made along the way. We had a blast and take home many memories. See you again for the sardine run.

Jess & Dave - from the UK - September 2016