The new adventure of Liquid Therapy

The new adventure of Liquid Therapy We are very excited to finally be able to share some awesome news with you. Seeing as we live in an amazing country with wildlife on our doorsteps, Oceans filled with spectacular marine life and stunning reefs and so many places to explore, we felt we simply couldn’t keep…
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Rubber ducks & beach launches… That´s diving in South Africa!

So you have travelled all the way to South Africa to do some diving. When you arrive, you hear about rubber ducks and surf launching and suddenly you start to wonder if you are ready for this. Well let’s get you prepared! Firstly you have to realise that we don’t call it “Wild Africa” for…
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Braai, Boerewors & Bru – South African Slang 1.0

Biltong, Braaivleis, Boerewors, Lekker, Bakkie ,Poitjie, Kiff, Bru, and Bunny Chow of course. Yes this may sound like a bunch of jumbled words, but these are just a few of the words that will get you places with the Saffas (South Africans). When they say South Africa is the rainbow nation, that pretty much goes…
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