Braai, Boerewors & Bru – South African Slang 1.0

Biltong, Braaivleis, Boerewors, Lekker, Bakkie ,Poitjie, Kiff, Bru, and Bunny Chow of course. Yes this may sound like a bunch of jumbled words, but these are just a few of the words that will get you places with the Saffas (South Africans). When they say South Africa is the rainbow nation, that pretty much goes for our colourful language as well. We have created words for just about EVERYTHING and I can guarantee you, that you will be using these words in a matter of no time and making new friends as you go along.

So let’s get started…

First of all, South Africans are a fun loving bunch and love to kuier (socialize) and chow (eat) and we do it around a fire with a couple of dops (beverages). We call this a braai.

Known to the rest of the world as a barbeque, The Braai is so much a part of the South African culture that we even have a national BRAAI day.

We stoke up a fire, and we have a couple of dops and kuier, while we snack on Biltong (dried meat)  and wait till the fire burns down to smouldering coals. Usually at this point we are having such a good time chatting we chuck some more wood or charcoal on, blow it and get the flames going again. This usually goes on for some time until someone gets hungry enough to say "let’s braai". We then take different cuts of meat and cook them over the coals to perfection.

Now what’s a good braai without sides? So along with the meat we usually have Pap n Sauce (maize-meal with chopped up tomatoes /onion sauce) or Braai-Broodjies (bbq-bread) which is sandwiches with cheese, tomato and onion on as a filling and then grilled over the coals and of course to get some balance we have a potato or green salad.

All in all a good braai is one of those things you will just have to try for yourself to experience the spirit of SA.

Here are a few words and phrases:

BRU – Buddy, mate, friend

BAKKIE - A pick-up van, used to load anything and everything

BRAAI/BRAAIVLEIS – A barbeque but only better

BILTONG – Meat that is hung up and dried, then cut up for snacks

BOEREWORS – Sausage made from minced meat and spices. A South African specialty

BOS - The African bush / wild

BUNNY CHOW – A half loaf of bread hollowed out and filled with a hot Indian curry, Durban style

DOP – Any alcoholic beverage or drink

GARAGE – Petrol filling station

GOGO – Granny or very old woman

JOL/JOLLING – A pub, club or party/ To go out and party or clubbing

JUST NOW – A little time from now (along the lines of Now-now)

KIFF – Nice, awesome, cool, lekker

KIP - To sleep or have a Siesta

KOS – Afrikaans for food

LANK - A SA slang word for lots or plenty

LEKKER – Cool, nice, awesome, kiff, yes, epic. This word can basically be used anytime you agree with something

MOZZIE – A mosquito

NOW-NOW – This is period of time. It could be anytime from now, until 2 or even 3 hours from now

OBS – Old Brown Sherry, a nice tasty sherry that will keep you warm on a cool bush night

POITJIE/POITJIEKOS – A stew like meal but WAY better cooked in a 3 leg cast iron pot over a fire

ROBOT – A Traffic light at the intersection

SHEBEEN – A tavern usually in the rural townships or backhouses where you can buy beers after all the pubs have closed at night and you want to carry on Jolling

STOEP – A veranda or porch on the front of a house

SLAP CHIPS – Deep fried potato chips usually best from a corner café or fish n chips shop

TAXI – A minivan used for public transport. Usually packed to capacity including bags, and even possibly a goat tied to the roof

ZULU -  Just one of the many spoken African languages

These are just a few of the bright and tasteful words we use in South Africa but they are what make this beautiful country so unique…So LEKKER!!

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