Sardine Run & Kruger National Park – Special

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Sardine Run & Kruger National Park - Special

There is life all around you, birds dive-bombing from high above into the water, dolphins and sharks moving quickly through the water around the boat. Everywhere you look there is movement, there is action... the water is alive.

This is how it happens each day when the annual Sardine Run takes place. As the colder currents bring nutrient rich water closer to the shoreline, large schools of sardines come with them. With this come many species from far and wide including birds, sharks, whales, dolphins of every kind and game fish, all with one aim in mind…to feed on the sardines.

All the hunters work together to round up the sardines into pockets, known as “bait-balls”. When the sardines have got nowhere to go, the action begins. From all sides, dolphins, sharks and whales charge into the tightly packed balls to get mouthfuls of fish. From above the birds dive-bomb into the pockets of fish to get their share. It all becomes a massive frenzy with the water erupting into chaos as the sardines try to escape.

It is one of the most amazing events to witness and experience in the ocean and a once in a lifetime adventure that will never be matched.

The run happens along the Transkei – Wild Coast and its name says it all. The coastline in this area is wild and untouched and has a mystical feel to it.

The Sardine Run is a bucket list item that any diver has to personally experience once in their lifetime. You will never be the same again!!!

Combine this incredible adventure with a trip to South Africa`s most famous Big 5 Game Reserve: The Kruger National Park. Our Sardine Run & Kruger Park Special includes 5 days/6 nights at the Sardine Run and 4 days/5 nights in the Kruger National Park. The sardine run takes place from June to July every year, be sure to email us for exact tour dates and more information, spaces are limited!

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